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Gimpimpressionist is already included in gimp but with a preview too poor and microscopic to be of some utility
with a simple hack i multiplied the hardcoded preview size from 100x100 to 600x400 offer a much bigger preview. you may see the difference!


would be possible with some knowledge of C a much better preview:
quoting schumam "I'd like to see implementations of these plug-ins as GEGL-ops, preferably using existing ones where possible ( This would allow real-time previews in the image window itself - check out the Fractal Explorer op of the GEGL tool, for example."

a real time preview for this as for the other filters crippled by microscopic preview seems a excellent improvement i hope someone will try soon to apply to this old but still excellent plugin

in the time-while i hope my, trivial but somehow effective hack may help

only source code, no windows or other OS binary yet
I hope somebody will help soon with compiled versiosn but i can't make prevision

gimpressionist.zip555.18 KB
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Sorry, I am not a specialist, how to compile this for Ubuntu 10.04 (64). I normally use .configure, make and make install, but that doesnt work in this case.

Who can help me out?

If i could i would already have provided debian binary

to compile on my gimp (on kubuntu lucid)i simply compiled all gimp with the modificated source, but i compiled against last gimp-2.7 ,and 2.7 pugin are not backward compatible, would not work on 2.6

I will do the same soon with 2.6 but i hope like you in a tip to compile similar plugin, without have to recompile everything
(the difficulty is obviously that they was sussed to be build within gimp, should be a simple solution )

Even more hard for windows, i may only hope in some help here, to provide win binaries
(in short term, i wish to build gimp also on my windows partition but for the luck of updated how to that may take long )

Yes that would be cool. Actually found the GIMPressionist site yesterday and it hasn't been updated since 2001. lol

Big preview; bigger the better. Hopefully maybe François might be able to help. :)

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