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Small Tiles- BIG preview

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Small Tiles is already included in gimp but with a too poor and microscopic preview
this version simply offer a much bigger preview...see the difference!

Small Tiles

thank to Francois Collard there is a Windows version ready (in the zip,is first link )
GUI is in english , the translation in other languages may not work


i do not upload here to not confuse with too much download options but is available also

Pentium 4, win binary optimized for Pentium 4
Gimp 2.7, same hack but on the 2.7version

in case let a message i will add download links in the reply

Small_Tiles-BIG_Preview.zip8.96 KB
tile-small.c31.63 KB
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Guess GIMPressionist was too much a hastle to implement in Windows. Still have my fingers crossed PC. :)

i would poste later today the source for gimpressionist, lighting effect, map object and the others

but i don't know how compile for windows ...only way i may image compile the whole gimp with the modificated plugin, and then copy the plugin binary

but all guide to compile gimp in win i know are too outdated too work with 2.6

so i may just hope for some help

Posting the diffs of the original to the patched code (in diff -u format) would be useful, too.

with Meld (on linux ) or WinMerge you will immediatly see the difference:
it is simply a number, that for the hardcoded size of the preview to be changed

I would not propose that as wnhancement, is just a tempoarary solution waiting for somithing better
(if not a real time preview based on gegl at least a resizable and zoomable preview with the GimpPreview widget)

For sure i may provide a diff (never done before but should be not hard)

But my hack has no any tecnichal interest, the point that didn't require any C or programmic experience but only logic:
1)Obviously the preview size was created by a hardcoded value
2) good chance that the hardcoded value was close to the word "PREVIEW" or to a word starting with "PREVIEW"
3) So to found the ...number to modify highlight any word , with no distintion for case ,starting with "preview" would have

but i would prefer know how to fix with a good preview ,and not with a big version of a crappy one

I'd like to see implementations of these plug-ins as GEGL-ops, preferably using existing ones where possible ( This would allow real-time previews in the image window itself - check out the Fractal Explorer op of the GEGL tool, for example.

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