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Pile's photos effect

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New version (probably the last): add "work on copy" option. (

New version with random Hue Lightness and Saturation. (

This plug-in allows you to split an image into many small overlapping images.
Filters-->Decor-->Pile's Photos

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I like this script, but I was wondering if there is away to have each piece left as an individual layer. The default is 4 rows by 4 columns, which would leave 16 layers. I would like to be able to move the pieces around. Would that be possible? I tried commenting out the merge down command, but apparently its not that easy. :) Would someone know how to modify the plugin to accomplish this?

I'm using the .py plug-in and its leaving all my images as photo layers. Not sure why my plug-in would be any different than yours.

What a fantastic script!

The level of customisation is superb and the fact that each "photo" in the resulting composition is on its own layer is priceless. This allows further tweaking to the layout created by the script, such as rotation, transparency adjustment or the removal of individual photos from the composition.

The script is great as it is, but if there is ever a version 2 it would be great to have a "work on copy" tick box as one of the options. This would allow users to go crazy with the individual script parameters without fear of over-writing the original image.

The original image remains in the first layer, and is not cleared.
If you mean something else, I did not understand.

Meanwhile you can find a new version of the script: I added random checks for Hue, Saturation and Lightness.

Sorry for bad english.

Some scripts make a copy of the image and then apply image changes to the copy - this makes a new image. Others allow the user to choose whether to work on a copy or the original.

This means that if I accidentally save or hit "Ctrl + S" I will be saving a copy image, not changing the original. It's a good safety feature sometimes. A good example is the script-fu "Roy Lichtenstein"; it has a "Work on copy" tick box. Try it and you will see what I mean.

Your English is very good, and so is your excellent script.

Ok i understand.
However I think that a copy of the original is unnecessary because with the addition of layers you can not overwrite the original.
In any case I will try to implement this option, or directly save the file as xcf.
Thanks for feedback.

I add the "work on copy" options.

One of the best scripts just got even better. I am amazed and very grateful for all your work.

I have never done this before so I really don't know quite sure what I am doing..

I cant even seem to find this in gimp and I have no idea how to use it please help


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