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script-fu 'parametric curves'

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This script is used to draw user defined or library parametric curves.
A simple java like math language is used to define curves or families of curves in GIMP layers. These can be exported to animated GIF's, SVG path, or included in GIMP images.

Documentation :
Gallery :
Download :

Info and questions:

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Ok so I downloaded “Parametric curves” via save as kept original file name and I put it in my script folder inside gimp just like I did with my layer affects which is working just fine. Having said that I should point out I am running Windows 7, 64bit and Gimp 2.6 so this logically should work after I refreshed my scripts right? Nope, it’s not in the drop down menu, so I deleted the script and downloaded it a second time and nope, nothing happened again. As a matter of fact since that was the first script fu that I downloaded right after I refreshed it using filters >script-fu>refresh scripts and restarted gimp the Script-fu icon should have showed up on the toolbar and it did not. –sigh- However when I downloaded and added the “Layer affects” in the same manner Script-fu ended up on my toolbar and I can use the effects just fine, but the “parametric curves” is still not showing up. Any Ideas what could be wrong?

I hope you can find the inspiration to create a FraxFlame analogue for GIMP 2.8+

(I miss KPT)

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