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PSPI Manager

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Gimp PSPI manager - enable and/or disable filters *.8bf.
The idea for PSPI Manager is based on the Brush Manager 2.00 by Sean Bogie.
[ ]
Accessibility to filters from newly marked directories requires restart Gimp.
Requirements Python and PSPI Running Photoshop plug-ins (pspi.exe)
[ ]
In annex readme.pdf

ps. This only idea on new plugin (though this acts if restart ) - how to display filters without restart Gimpa (gimp-pspi-refresh ??? )

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Hi MareroQ!

Would you consider adding your code bits to GURM (or letting me add this to GURM myself?)

-Rob A>

I apologize if I made something not so ( I know English language very faintly) - how I have this mistake to repair ?
This plugin ( is just an idea development - all copyright (GPL?) are Sean Bogie § Rob Antonishen.

Yours sincerely: MareroQ

ps... more ...[ ] (3.11.2010)

Thanks MareroQ, downloaded, installed, works great on Win XP.

This is going to be so handy.
Thank you for sharing this.

I downloaded and installed it, its in the filters list but nothing happens when i click it?
Anyone else have this problem?
I run Windows XP

Mistake can be with reason of displaying in menu manager near lack of possibility of his starting in record:
ACTIVE_DIR=r"C:\Documents and Settings\x\.gimp-2.y\Plugin_ps_active"
INSTALL_DIR=r"C:\Documents and Settings\x\.gimp-2.y\Plugin_ps"

Check every sign example gimp -2.6 ? or 2.7 ?

There is yet another possible confusion:
Do not change the directory names (which were active) in ACTIVE_DIR if Gimp is running
created confusion in the record in the file ( 8bf_active.txt) and the actual state
The solution is to delete 8bf_active.txt when GIMP is closed and restart - when closing the GIMP will have a new ( 8bf_active.txt) filter from current

Otherwise you can still use PSPI
PSPI first run (click on the file), select/deselect filters and then running Gimp reveals new - added / subtracted. [ ]

When you load the filters with small portions of it are still operating in the 2.6.11 all what 2.6.

Creator filters AndrewsFilters writes:
" The number of filters may cause memory problems so possibly load only some of them and keep the rest in other plugin directories "

And there's a very good solution (no pspi)

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