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How to get GIMP file into latest bmp file format

I am using GIMP for first time to make icons for touchscreen system. I have copied a screen icon from that design, made the edits and exported as bmp file as that is only image format this touchscreen program will open. received error message that bmp file "is not a valid 3.0 bmp format." I'm looking for a way to get this icon picture into a valid bmp format. Can I export to another format and then convert to bmp?

Are you using OS/2 or Windows?

Did you try converting the .bmp to an icon (.ico), first?

Using WinXP (grumpily, cause I have to as I have dual boot Ubuntu installed as well). Basically, I cut the image from the app and paste into GIMP. After making the changes, I save a GIMP file and then save as bmp. The Touchscreen design App then complains that the new bmp file created by GIMP is not version 3.0 bmp compatible.

If GIMP running under Linux better at the bmp file format, then I'll save the original bmp's to an external drive, do the edits in GIMP for Linux and then import them back into the touchscreen app later.

Try to flatten the image before you're saving it in the BMP format. If there's any transparency or layers, you'll get a BMP file of version 4 or 5.

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