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removing objects from picture

Okay so I am new to Gimp 2.6 and have been just messing around to get used to it, I have found some helpful videos to help me along however.....I can not seem to figure out how to remove an object from a picture and it not leave a big white hole. I found some videos that talked about a resynthesizer filter but I can not seem to find it. Could some one please just point me in the right direction? Thank you so much.


The right direction for finding most anything on the Registry is to use the "Search" function, it works fairly well. :) (for the plug-in directly)

Binaries for Windows:

64 bit for Windows:

Depending on your OS, you may or may not need to update some scripts for Resynthesizer, read more here: (only read here if your heal selection script fails to work)

But if both included script works that is no a svery good sign:
that means you run a obsolete version of gimp that would be better unistall and replace with a recent one

After trying and searching for several hours, I find this link where the downloaded files work on win 32bit !!!
I discover also that the only way to use it, is the command "Heal Selection" in Filter menu !!!

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