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newbie, how can I change units in Gimp

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When I want to make a measurement in Gimp I can add a unit for a scanned image for measuring lengths.
Because every scan has a different scale I would like to change the unit but I can only add new ones. I cannot find how to delete or change a unit.


For scanned images opened in GIMP, simply right click on the image, select Edit - Unit. Within the Units editor, two options (buttons at the top) allow you to add a new unit by your own definition, or to select an existing Unit in the list, using that image as the template.

After you create a new unit or define an existing one, you can find the ruler properties at the bottom of the image, and change the ruler units to that particular unit. (I had to restart GIMP after creating new units in order for them to show up in the ruler properties list.)

No idea on how to delete these, (you can uncheck them to remove them from the list) but unitrc rewrites itself each time you close GIMP, so editing or removing them there, is pointless. Maybe someone more knowledgeable could share on how to delete units.

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