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How to remove a python-fu script from Gimp

Greetings. A new python-fu user here. What is the cleanest way to remove a python-fu script, that you have added, from GIMP? The context is that I have added one for testing purposes and now I want to remove it?

Just delete it.

Thanks for the suggestion but under Windows (Vista... ugh), the entry for the deleted plugin stays in the GIMP menu structure.... Any other thoughts?

Did you close GIMP and re-open it?

I have never had a python script remain in my GIMP menu after removing it from the plug-ins folder. It could be possible that you have duplicate plug-ins.

What mahvin says: check Gimp preferences to find the plugin folders and delete also the duplicate.

To all who helped with this, thanks! It appears this 'stuck' plugin is an issue with Windows Vista. Testing of the same plugin, and GIMP version, on XP does not show this issue.

No if you deleted the script Vista could not resurrect it way
Simply in your vista computer you should have another copy of the script hidden somewhere

But no much place to search must be in one of the plugin folder visible from Edit/Preferences/folder/ way out

It's possible that file virtualization is kicking in - see

We've spent some effort on getting this sorted out in the current development branch of GIMP (for the Windows-development-savvy users: adding manifest resources to the executables).

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