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Question to Python-Fu menu structures

1. Is there a limitation of in the usage of PF_xxxxx parms to build a menu with Python-Fu (size of menu ???)
2. Is it possible to make a vertical display of PF_RADIO instead horizontal

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1. No, your screen is the limitation. No scroll bars.
2. Yes and no. Normal use: no; otherwise you have to rewrite the PF-radio.

Why not using Glade instead??

glade is powerful, but have some disadvantages.

1) No batch mode possible
2) Parameter settings are not stored automatically - each time you run the script, default values are set. You cannot simply update only one parameter.

Currently I'm working on Line Border conversion. First glade version is ready and I found-out that I need to solve the second point somehow. Any tip?

1. Batch mode is possible you have to program it in Python-fu. Look at index print, I'm using batch mode.

2. I have noticed that problem, each time you run the script you have to set the values but it is possible I have read it somewhere but I forgot where :( Perhaps bootchk or Tristan van Berkom (glade developer) can help).

1) So are you able to invoke gimp from command line and call the script with specific set of parameters? Or you are using the python-fu console in gimp?

2) I'm already planning to add profiles to my script, so I need to store it somewhere anyway.

No I don't use the command line. I execute the plugin within Gimp with a specific set of parameters on one ore more images. In the case of indexprint I place repitively images on a piece of paper until it is full and start then over again until all images are placed. This is a batch mode procedure: programmed.

Aha, this is different.

thanks for the tip, but at the moment have enough problems using Python-Fu by itself. So I have to reduce te parms or use a controlfile instead

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