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RIOT (available as GIMP Save for Web plugin) version 0.4.3 released

Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT for short) is a free image optimizer that will let you to visually adjust compression parameters while keeping minimum filesize.

It uses with a side by side (dual view) or single view interface to compare the original with the optimized image in real time and instantly see the resulting file size.

It is lightweight, fast and simple to use, yet powerful for advanced users. You will be able to control compression, number of colors, metadata settings and much more, and select image format (JPG, GIF or PNG) for your output file.

RIOT is available as a plugin for GIMP as a "Save for web" option (Windows only).

Official website:

Version 0.4.3 is a bugfix release. It also optimizes the startup sequence by delaying some processing after the main window is visible.
This is probably the last release from branch 0.4., focusing in improving it’s overall stability.
The development will continue with the branch 0.5, which will introduce other interesting features. Stay tuned for other news by subscribing to the RIOT development group, the RSS feed or to the news by email service !

Full changelog of version 0.4.3:

v.0.4.3 (16.10.2010)
- fixed Vista (possible Windows 7) bug with not being able to type in the batch dialog some characters used as shortcuts (R, L, etc). This occurs only if the program is launched with at least 2 files as parameters which results in the Batch window being opened at startup.
- corrected a name in the About->Credits section
- fixed some memory leaks in the batch dialog related to the FileList
- optimized startup sequence
- updated FastMM to version 4.97
- updated vclfixpack to version 1.4 (some fixed which are not needed were removed)
- fixed a crash in FreeImage when reading a JPEG with corrupted XMP data
- fixed loading of JPEG images with a not null but zero length IPTC segment (bad files produced by Picasa)
- fixed a crash in FreeImage when loading a PSD with a CMYK embedded thumbnail
- other minor modifications

Very nice plugin, but is there a linux version available or has someone converted this plugin?

As a standalone, it works well with Wine.

One glitch I noticed was that trying to open an image in RIOT, does not work. Neither the Open button or File - Open works. What I did was drag and drop images into RIOT as a work-around.

I just use the GIMP interface Mahvin; haven't tried to use it in Ubuntu though. I also use it in Irfanview, but, of course, Irfanview doesn't support transparent backgrounds w.r.t. RIOT, and only limited functionality with regular PNG saving. :)

Noticed at Betanews that you just released 0.4.4. Followed the instructions to get Avanced PNG to work and my jaw dropped when I saved a PNG using those settings. Quicker then grease lightening. Thanks again Lucian. :)

You are right, IrfanView does not store 32 bit transparency. That is the reason I created the option to Import ancillary data like transparency, ICC and metadata from the original file. You can set this in the program options (RIOT plugin tab). Last time I tested, the open button in RIOT worked with Wine. Has somebody managed to use RIOT and GIMP under Linux/Wine ? I assume you need to windows version of GIMP to do this .)

Still don't save transparency info if you save the PNG file in Irfanview Lucian (just tried after clicking the option that you mentioned above). Don't get the mask option either in Irfanview. In GIMP, you do get the mask option and can, of course, save transparency. Maybe if you can force the mask option (in Irfanview that is) you can then check the transparency option and it will work; don't know. Anyway, still an extremly cool plugin. :)

That option is not there to make IrfanView handle transparency, but to let RIOT import transparency from images opened with IrfanView then sent to RIOT via Save for web.
IrfanView works internally only with 24 bit images. RIOT needs to import the transparency from the original files because IrfanView sends only images of 24 bit or less

Still didn't save the transparancy info when I did this Lucian. Even in GIMP, if I did choose the proper setting in the mask tab, it will be solid despite choosing the Import Ancillary setting. Maybe it's because I unclicked a few options for PNG to save filesize space. Going to do some more experimenting to see if that's the case. :)

edit: That's exactly what it was. I choose to first save the PNG using GIMP and clicked save transparent color and now Irfanview interface works. I wonder why GIMP can open a PNG file with transparency even though the transparency color was not saved? Not sure how Irfanview understands what's to be transparent (which it fills with the color you choose of course) even though the transparent color was not saved. :)

edit: And now for something even more crazy. I now can open some of my other PNG files that I did not save the transparent color and still RIOT now has the option. Wonder what happened. Still happy now that I can do this with Irfanview now. :)

I give up. I can't understand what you are trying to do, and you seem very confused working with transparency.
The bottom line is RIOT can recognize transparent images, taken from GIMP or XnView, which are sent as DIBs and from IrfanView only if you check that option.

When I first tried to use the option it didn't work, but I guess when I closed Irfanvew and reopened it all is well (will save the transparent areas taken from the original PNG file). Not sure why it didn't work as first, but it does work now. Again, I do appreciate your efforts with this cool plugin. I happen to use it in both GIMP and Irfanview by the way. I don't use the stand-alone, but might give it a whirl one day. :)

ok, I understand now. You had to reopen the program, because the configuration is read at startup, before the image is sent.
Edit: Sorry for posting multiple times. The gimp website has gone crazy :)

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