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Line Border 2

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LineBorder-2.4.2.zip70.44 KB

A python conversion of my script-fu Line border script ( This version uses python-glade dialogs. It allows to create smaller and much clever input dialog and integrate much more functions. On other side, due to missing support of glade dialogs from Gimp, there is not possble to run this script in batch mode.

Current features:

  • All sizes could be specified in pixels or percents
  • Border corners and lines corners could be rounded
  • Multiple lines of text
  • Different font for eeach text
  • Texts coud be also placed on left, right or upper border
  • A watermark support (text or logo)
  • Translations (cs, nl)

If you found a bug or have a wish, please let me know. Thanks.


  • Profiles (create/update/delete/rename)
  • Fill border with pattern
  • Allow to put Exif information inside the border
  • Allow batch mode
  • Use own script parameters dialog (Glade)
  • Allow more text options (each text in different font...)
  • Large border also in % of image Angle with round (if possible) (JacqDjo)
  • Sign (text,and color) in image with choice corner (JacqDjo)
  • Put text on right border of image instead under
  • Translations


You need a gimp with python support installed.


  • Extract content of the zip archive to the ~/.gimp2.6/plug-ins/ directory
  • Make script executable (chmod og+x ~/.gimp2.6/plug-ins/
  • Script is installed under Filters/Decor/Borders/ as Line Border 2


Please follow great step-by-step guide from E. Sullock Enzlin at


a GUI:

Multiple rows of text:

Text on right border

Text on upper border, rounded cornes

An watermark logo inside the image

A watermark text inside the image

Inner corners rounded


04.01.2012 - v2.4.2

  • NL translation updated - thanks to Elmar
  • German translation added - thanks to Gudrun Schymiczek
  • Fix: Watermark image does not work

05.09.2011 - v2.4.1

  • FIX: fix Glade-3.10 issue

02.09.2011 - v2.4

  • ADD: profiles
  • ADD: Swap colors button
  • ADD: French translation (thanks to Brigitte Barbet)

03.11.2010 - v2.3

  • CHANGE: GUI improvement - Border page redesigned
  • ADD: Border corners could be rounded
  • ADD: Translations - cs, nl
  • CHANGE: correct issues with extreme values
         (e.g.: border width = 0 - a panorama style)

28.10.2010 - v2.2

  • ADD: allow to put sign/watermark inside the image

25.10.2010 - v2.1

  • CHANGE: use own glade dialog
  • CHANGE: remember plugin setting between sessions
  • CHANGE: Text could have more lines
  • ADD: posibility to place text on sides and on upper border
  • ADD: sizes could be in pixels or in percents
  • ADD: corner rounding

12.10.2010 - v2.0

  • Initial conversion to python
Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


Uaaaa, again. Where I can kill the spam filter?

An reduced reply: I'm using gentoo, python 2.6 is set as default.

EDIT: See Message 1 on


I'm French and I thank you to forgive me for my bad English :-(

I find this script really beautiful and I would like to use it in French if it's possible. So I would like to know how I can send you the translation in my language.

you can sent it to my email as is specified in


I'm doing the translation but I have a problem with the word BLOCK because I can't see any difference with LEFT and with this sentence "Rotate text to left if is placed to side" because I don't find it.

I think I have some bug there. I'll look on it when I have a time. Probably next week. (If I don't forget)

OK, I'll try it as soon as possible !
Thank you for your answer.


je ne parle pas anglais.
J'ai installé votre script sur mon Imac mais il ne fonctionne pas.
Nous avons essayé plusieurs solutions : (en français)
Je dois explorer d'autres chemins mais quand je clic sur Line Border il ne se passe rien.


With Google :

I do not speak English.
I installed your script on my iMac but it does not work.
We tried several solutions: # p47054 (French)
I have to explore other paths but when I click on Border Line it nothing happens.


could you run Gimp from console? When you click on LineBorder 2 menu item in Gimp, it should write some error there.


LineBorder2 is not the problem. Problem are the packages lineborder2 depends on.

@philnc. Check the packages python, pycairo, pygtk, pygobject and libglade. Googling shows me that these packages exist for leopard

You will find here the versionnumbers and links: Take extremly care of pygtk WITH glade.

If you get it working I like to hear of you because I can then update the install instructions for the Mac.

Hi all,
I've created a git repository:

You can download the actual version there and help me with translation to your language. If you need help with generation of .po file, tell me to which language you want to translate and I'll generate it.



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