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Raw files

Hi Everyone!
I trying to find a plug-in to edit RAW files.
CR2 for Canon. If you have a link for a download, I'd greatly appreciate it!
Thank you in advance!


try this link, or site. I have this for my raw images from a Canon. Once it is on your computer and a RAW image is open, there will be a little picture of Wilbur on the bottom right of that screen. Clicking that will open the image into GIMP.

Hope this helps.

I'm new with GIMP and a Windows "dummy". I need a raw image converter for Canon CS2 and tried ufraw 0.17 unsuccessfully. When I try to start ufraw I get a system error in that libgdk-win32-2.0-0 is missing. Is there a raw image plugin for Win 7 (64) or a fix I can apply?


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