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Make a background white

I am new and not at all IT minded and no matter what tutorials I watch cant seem to put a white background to an image. ie; Picture of a t;shirt with a whie background. Please help I need basic wont patronise!


1) You can open a new image in GIMP with a white background (File - New) under Advanced Options, on the Create A New Image menu, select Fill With (select white).
2) Depending on whether you are using layers, as you mention in your comment about having a white t-shirt on a white background. If your t-shirt layer is transparent, you can create a new layer underneath it, using white fill.
3) You can use the Bucket fill tool to fill a layer with white.

See the accompanying video: (best viewed at 720 HD using Full Screen)

Two tips:
1. When making multiple selections on an image using the Magic Wand, hold the Shift key down.
2. When moving layers up or down using the mouse, hold the left click and drag.


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