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dds plugin for Win 7 Premium.

I am using a simulator program with .dds pictures.
I have a new PC and Win 7.
The DDS convereter I am using on my notebook (Windows XP ) can not run in Win 7 environment.
I have down loaded dds plugin for Gimp 2.6.10. It is running under XP but fails under Win 7. Can You say something?

If you you are using the 64-bit compiled version of GIMP then un-install it and install the 32-bit version. Way too many cool GIMP plugins don't work with 64-bit GIMP (sad but true; believe similar issues are happening for folk that have installed PS CS5 recently). What the GIMP gurus should do is allow a dual install of GIMP 64-bit and 32-bit so that any legacy issues can be addressed (hint). :)

Thanks, BUT my Win 7 is a 32 bit version.
The problem is that it is complaining for missing .dds-s. I progress step by step one .ddl after another. Finally I copyed the whole .dll library from XP.
Now the dds.exe is running but, if from GIMP I am opening or storing a .dds file an error message is sent.

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