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Generates a complex rim around an arbitrary shape from a line of pixels. Get it from SourceForge:

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The only module showing on the Sourceforge site is version 1. I didn't see any other links, including here on the Registry, am I missing it?


I sent you an email via the Registry.

Comes from an anti-aliased/feathered selection near the sharp corners.

The current version is

( once on your disk)

Sweet! I followed your recommendations and now it's headed in the direction I intended to take it.

This is close to what I am trying to accomplish. A sort of Dante's levels of hell kind of thing...

Thx for the comment...

- sorry about the executable flag, forgot about it (developed it on Windows...). Shouldn't need sudo for this, though, if you install in your own profile.

- what you see isn't a lack of smoothing, it even worse... I just found out that the method I use generates semi-transparent pixels where they fall in the anti-aliasing area of both consecutive lines.

This is fixed in a new version I just made available on SourceForge (0.1). Also includes a 2x performance boost.

Gave it another try (tried both no smooth and smooth; this one's the smooth version) with your updated script. Don't really see any difference. Still a cool script though. :)

On the left, the old version, on the right, the new one. Notice that the old version is transparent at places.

Looks cool. Haven't broken down and installed Python for GIMP yet (use Windows GIMP), but I do have Ubuntu as well (on VM) and might give this one a try later. Thanks for the info. :)


OK; had to do a lot of research to figure out that you had to use sudo chmod -x on the python script in order to enable the executable bit. Pretty cool by the way. Belows a sample (nothing fancy). Could have done some more smoothing, but just left it as is. Again, thanks for the info. :)

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