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Generates a complex rim around an arbitrary shape from a line of pixels. Get it from SourceForge:

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You beat me too it O (was going to brag about you and your rainbow here too). lol

I am really liking my new toy ofnuts; thanks again. :)

OK; I finally broke down and installed Python for Windows. Indeed, the Python consol under my Filters dropdown is now there. I placed your Python plugin in my GIMP's Plug-ins folder (did this obviously before running GIMP) and the filter does not show up. Don't think chmod +x is viable for Windows (could be wrong; haven't even tried it yet). And yes, I rebooted my machine after not seeing it the first time (though Python was in GIMP then too). Any ideas? :)


Arggh; newbie error. When I saved the python script, it had txt extension. lol

... great. Obviously you found out how to use it :)

Yup; you should know that it was your Python script that motivated me to get Python to work in Windows. lol

Also, found out that smooth gradients give much cleaner results. :)

Decided to go wack with this result. Click link below for that result. :)


I tried WrapMap and then used it to create some interesting text effects using a combination of WrapMap and bump maps. Thanks for adding the plug-in.

That's actually what I designed it for, actually.

I just found a neat trick if you want to use it to generate a really complex rim:

  1. in the bitmap layer, draw a black-to-white gradient
  2. open the colors curves tool on that layer, and use it to define you rim section graphically:

    This will produce something like:
  3. apply Wrapmap on your selection to produce the bumpmap:
  4. and run the bumpmap filter:

Awfully easy, isn't it?

I used a complex selection (flame text) with this technique and using both soft and not soft options, and it seems that WrapMap has some limits with corners (possibly sharp angled corners) where the wrap doesn't fill all the way in, leaving ugly blank blotches in an otherwise impressive wrap. Is there a way to resolve this, other than staying with simpler selections?

Hmm. I'm surprised. The first version did that, but the newer (0.1) doesn't, as far as I can tell. What version are you running (if you have both in your plugins directory, one will override the other so you may still be running the old one).

Otherwise, would your have an exemple of the result? Or PNGs with the shape and the bitmap, or even better, the XCF file somewhere?


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