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Generates a complex rim around an arbitrary shape from a line of pixels. Get it from SourceForge:

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Gimp 2.7 and 2.8 tolerant. Thx to Graechan and lykejk.

Properly handle the case where the pattern is too wide for an inward-growing wrap. Enjoy

Thanks; definitely wasn't able to do the result below before. Really like this plugin by the way. We had a lot of fun with at at GIMPChat recently. :)

By design wrapmap is open-ended, so it's limited only by your (obviously fertile) imagination... I see on Gimp chat that you have explired a lot of its artistic capabilities, but I've also used it for very different things (complex rims in bumpmaps, progressive blur around subject...).

thank a lot for the update

It would be possible a option to invert the effect:
instead then rim around the selection a rim inside the selection ?

If you invert the selection before calling the filter, that's what it does... or am I missing something?

In case as example of letters the space outside for the border is a variable limited only by layer border
, but the space inside is not a variable but already fixed,

Basically if the border is too large to fit inside only a part should be used, a part equivalent to 1/2 of the thickness of the letters or anyway of the selection

It is already possible by just inverting the selection ?
(well i may try now, i didn't yet just for fear to crash something

Well, it sort of works... When the map layer is wider than half the thickness of the letters, you end up with all the layer colored with the last color of the map (because at some point, the selection disappears).

There is however a workaround: after you inverted the selection, substract a rectangle or circle selection with at least one dimension larger than twice the map width. This will insure there is always something selected and make the script behave correctly. You can then erase that part afterward.

Otherwise I think I've seen some API to detect the existence of selection, so a 0.3 version may be coming soon.

thank you
the workaround seems a good one


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