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Neophyte Gimper Needs Your Help!

I am relatively new to the Gimp world, so please forgive me if this is already posted elsewhere, and I just haven't seen it yet.

I am looking for two plugins:

Lens/Focus Correction:

The lens correction plugin that I've found is not the type I need... it either Distorts/Warps the image, or changes the "Pitch, Yaw, Angle" of the whole image. I need just a basic plugin that will actually- or attempt to, correct an image that is out of focus.


I have many pictures (ones that I've personally taken) that either the cat or the person wasn't still, and obviously blurred the shot. I've searched the repository using terms like "anti motion blur" or "motion blur correction," but to no avail.

If this should have been listed in the "Plugin" forum, I do apologize. It was quite the conflict itself...

Thanks in advance to those who help!

The Mistress

Post Script Edit: If any one knows of scripts- or a tutorial for these scripts, for either/both of these please point me in the right direction! Once again, thank you much!

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