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Bamboo Tablet zoom in gimp?

Hi, I have GIMP 2.6.10 and a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet. Could anyone please tell me how i can use the pen & tablet to zoom in and out in gimp? Any help would be greatly appreciated.:-)


I've also got one, and based on the small amount of research I've done, I've been unable to figure out how to get the scroll circle to work. I also can't get it to detect pen pressure properly. I think it may either lie with my drivers (I'm running linux, and various "special" bits of my peripherals don't have full functionality) or with GIMP not mapping zoom with whatever signal is coming from the scroll circle.

I'll second this forum topic, and hope some expert in these matters appears.

Thanks for the reply. I don't know what a "scroll circle" is; is it located on the side of the pen? I know i have been able to map the 2 buttons on the side of my pen to different functions in the Tablet Preferences. The documentation at can tell you how to set up Input Controllers so gimp responds to keyboard/ tablet combos too. Did you go into gimp Preferences> Input Devices> Configure Extended Input Devices?

I'm talking about the circle on the tablet itself, at the top. Perhaps we have slightly different models.

Yeah, i don't have the scroll circle, or any buttons, so we must have different models. I have heard about people having tablet issues with certain platforms. Sorry I don't know to fix that.

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