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Wood Grain

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sf-will-wood.scm2.02 KB
sf-will-wood-gradient.scm2.45 KB

A simple script to generate a wood grain pattern. You can control for the dimensions of the resultant pattern. Results are generated in a new layer in the active image.

Wood Grain

Version two (sf-will-wood-gradient.scm) allows you to control banding frequency, and specify your own colours

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Very cool Script-fu. Thanks for sharing. :)

Very nice script, as usual for you. =)
Question? .. can you add a option in the script dialog to use the colors in the color tool boxes, or your current gradient?

I use Colors - Curves on different channels to obtain a similar effect. I've gotten some fairly realistic wood grain colors using this technique.

I've been thinking about this for a bit now, and will make a new version of the script that uses gradient maps. The original will stay here however, unchanged.

Right now I use alien map for both the colouring and the bands for the wood. Changing to a gradient map would allow for more effects than just wood with the script, like for example, oil on water or something to that effect. But to do this, I'd have to start offering things like banding frequency adjustments, noise detail, and so on. I'd be making a script that was in effect just the application of of solid noise, alien map, and gradient map, in that order, which would just give a lot of options at once, instead of for each tool. This would be a good example of the sub-platform effect antipattern.

The alien map boils down to the color curves tool using a sine wave curve, with a choice between HSV and RGB, except that I don't think colour curves offers the HSV option.

So to sum up: You can do it with gradients, and I'll put a script up that does, but keep the old one, because it does what I started out to do, and with minimal interface.

Due to the way the script uses alien map, unfortunately not, but you could do an auto normalise, then gradient map with the colours you want. Of course, this will have some loss of information and banding occurring because of the fact that the brightness values of the wood texture aren't spanning the full range.

Attempted to access the scripts only to find the site was down.

The server had a rootkit discovered, so it's been taken down for now. However, all the scripts I've created are here, so you can still get them

The scripts are where? I don't see the wood grain script being offered on the Registry, which is what prompted my comment in the first place.

oh, you're right, sorry about that, I'll upload it now

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