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No extra dialog boxes

I downloaded GIMP version 2.6.10 yesterday and now I have a major issue. I can not seem to open any dialog boxes. No ctrl-L, no button clicking ... even closing and opening GIMP does nothing. Even restarting.

I can't work with layers because there is no layers box. I can't open it!

I was wondering, do you guys know what is going on?

Any help would be great!


To activate the layers for images, click the "Auto" button on the top right of the Channels, Paths, Undo, Layers dialog box. See if that helps.

I am having the same problem
Ctrl + l isnt working and when I go to "windows", and click any of the dialog boxes or the Layers, Channels, Paths etc ( so cant try this Auto thing), nothing happens, nothing opens
any ideas, this is sto frustrating, I cant do anything with gimp like this

What OS are you using? GIMP version? Can you provide a screenshot of GIMP open on your screen?

On a hunch, try resetting the windows position values by going to Edit - Preferences and under Windows Management, click on Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values. Untick the option to Save Windows Positions on Exit before checking OK. If this brings up your dialog boxes, then you can go back and retick the Save Windows positions on Exit.

You may need to restart GIMP. Let me know if this helped.

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