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Get Curves Plugin

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This plugin calculates the color curve from two different pictures (Original and Modified).
Build and install it with:
$ gimptool-2.0 --install elsamuko-get-curves.c

You'll find it then under Colors->Get RGB Curves.
The plugin needs at least two images as two layers, the top layer is the modified one.
The curve will be saved in GIMP's curves folder (curve_date_time) and can be opened by GIMP's color curve tool.
Because the plugin calculates discrete values, the final curve may have some unwanted roots or steps, which can cause artifacts on the image, these can be removed with setting the curve type from freehand to smooth.

For a Windows version go here:

Original image:

(cc) Wikipedia

Applied curve:

Modified image:

Reconstructed curve:

Reconstructed image:

Result: The modified and the reconstructed image are virtually equal, which means, we reconstructed the curve successfully.

Update1: Wrong array access fixed.

If you like it, hug someone ;)
For all scripts together, go here:

elsamuko-get-curves.c11.48 KB
GIMP Version: 
Code License: 


cool thanks for sharing.

I wanted to try this nice plugin, but it alway crashes with:
Plug-In 'Get RGB Curves' left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups.

could you move the
gimp_image_undo_group_start( image_ID );
below the
if (num_of_layers < 2 )

Sorry, I overlooked that I need two layers.

it seems the layers have to be the same size and position?

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