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sf-will-flames.scm4.12 KB

A script to generate an animated fire, tileable horizontally. Requires the "Incandescent" gradient that comes with the GIMP


Has the following options:
Image X and Y size: controls the size of the resultant image
Vertical and Horizontal Scale: controls the scale of the flames.
Flame Height: controls the maximum height of the flames as a fraction of the image height.
Detail: controls the detail on the flames, but too much makes them look strange
Gradient: Choose a different gradient to use
Background transparency: controls whether the background is transparent, or black.
Number of frames: exactly what it says on the tin

GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


(rand 2100000000) hangs up on my GIMP 2.8.

It works when I replace it with (random-next)

Thanks For This script sir.............

its like a flash....
but it's not

nice :)

Thanks for adding this feature.

Well done! I've installed the script and it works great, by producing a realistic effect.

I think it would be even more versatile if it allowed to select whatever gradient (through a SF-GRADIENT widget), while keeping the "Incandescent" one as the default.

Is it possible to fit the script with such an option?

Done, and it's replaced the old file above. Thanks for the feedback.


It is installed. I have chosen all the parameters. I have 50 new layers of flame thumbnails. What do I do now? I cannot find anything to tell me.
Thank you.

The layers this script creates will be the frames of the animation, which you can preview through "Filters -> Animation -> Playback..." by clicking "Play".
Hence, the multi-layers image can be saved as animated GIF file.

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