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G'MIC - Plugin

Installation of G'MIC for a Mac running 10.6.4

I've spent hours going thru front door, backdoor, basement and crawlspaces. I cannot get this thing to show up on Gimps window under filters. Tried many different methods, and versions, none of which worked. Could an actual MAC - user please post a video to youtube, showing a successful installation of this plugin? I'm begging anyone. Just a poor artist tryin to survive.

I will airbrush a Gimp logo - (or?) on a shirt or jacket for correct instructions for a mac running latest Snowleopard 10.6.4 (must send your own item to paint) Please make it very clear for a retard like me.


go here to dl the snowleopard package..

unzip the folder the install file is in it. =)

You may also want to go here to see what is compatible with your setup.

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