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missing filters!?!?!(fresh download)

i run windows vista.
i can't get my filters to appear under "filters".
i can find them when i click "computer" off the start menu.
computer>local disk>program files>gimp 2.0>lib>gimp>plug-ins

i don't know if these are relevant but
when i double click one of the filters i am familiar with it says "component not found" on the top of the box that pops up.
i noticed colorize was also under the "plugins". when i checked to see if it was there(in gimp) it was. it also worked.

please help!



Not sure how to answer your question because your explanation doesn't go far enough.

I'm assuming you can't see the plug-ins and scripts listed under the Filters menu in GIMP. You say you can see them in the GIMP folders. Scripts (and) plug-ins show up in two places (under the GIMP installation folders (as you mentioned) and under the User folders (example: c:\users\your_user_name\.gimp-2.6\).

Under the Edit - Preferences in GIMP, within the folders tab, do you see plug-ins and scripts folders as being writable? Are they enabled (checked)?

never mind, i think i got it figured out. i had to get rid of all of the gimp stuff. i think gap might have been the problem.

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