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gimp CS plugin/psd version compatibility

hey all,

we have a problem....
we must compile a plugin with photoshop sdk!
this plugin will give the possibility to load a particularly layered raw file into photoshop!
we want also give the same possibility to do that in gimp!
the coder have experience with CS SDK but not with gimp!......

....well... since gimp is able to load photoshop plugin.... wich CS plugin version is supported by gimp?

and also which CS* psd saved version is supported by gimp?
I know that there are some limitation like particular effect added in CS or for text...
I was not able to find a clarifying info on the web!

thank you in advance!



Cool of you for attempting a cross platform plugin. Anyway, you may want to contact Tor; he's the creator of the PSPI plugin and knows a lot more of the issues then me. :)

thank you for the tip.... but just yesterday after posting here I came to the same idea!
Tor say that pspi is a photoshop filter loader for gimp!
so there must be find a work around to that..... we are open to any suggestions!

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