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new be....feature request........ looking for *.flm file import plugin/script

hi all,
I'm new to the forum but not new to the gimp :)

I'm also a user of rendering engine... and the one that I like a lot is the free unbiased project

well let's talk about my feature request.
this free unbiased rendering engine, is physically correct and work like a photo camera!
it have the ability to save the image in a native image file called *.flm

the flm file format is more similar to a raw file, but it can do more.... it can store similar to layer the environment, the lighting, the bloom and glare effect.. and much more.

my question.... is possible eventually to import this flm in to the gimp? and with the listed above feature displayed in separate layers?

I know that this is just possible.. for example maxwell render is a commercial rendering engine, the native raw file is called mxi.... well the developer by maxwel had create a plugin to import the mxi in to photoshop... like a layered psd file.

here is a video tutorial of the maxwell plugin for photoshop to show how it work!

the feature is very useful for post processing porpoise!
consider that LuxRender is used from the blender community!
Luxrender is used as render also from commercial 3d package like sketchup, 3ds max, c4d, maya etc. that normally use photoshop! this could implement the interest in gimp ;)

luxrender is open source the code can downloaded free and directly from the repository!
the flm file specification are also to be found there! but let me know for any need!

if someone find the idea interesting... please let me know... we can talk about


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