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Separate+ Installation Problem

I have successfully installed the plug-ins but am not able to understand the following instructions for installing the Adobe ICC Profiles as outlined in the yellowmagic readme file:
For ICC profiles announced in "What you need" section, decompress the
ZIP file downloaded and move the decompressed files whose extension is
.icc into a predetermined place (following a. or b.).

a. Open a window of any folder, input "%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Adobe\Color\
Profiles\Recommended" and press Enter key. If you can move to this
folder, then put the ICC profiles in this folder. If you find files
with the same name, you need neither overwriting nor copying.

b. If you cannot find the folder described in a., select and right-click
profile icons to display "Install Profile" item in the menu and
click it.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME TO KNOW WHAT WINDOW OR FOLDER IS REFERRED TO IN a. and how to input to it or how to find "profile icons" in b.

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