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FIL 1.7.2

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FIL (Film Imitation Lab) is a powerful script for old photo simulation. FIL has a modular architecture and can use binary extension (plugins).

Current version: v1.7.2 (June 14th 2013).


  • Old color simulation by using prepaered color processes
  • Film grain
  • Vignette simulation
  • Defect lenses simulation
  • Option indication
  • Batch script execution
  • Binary extensions (plugins) integration support.

Changes in FIL v1.7.2:

  • New color process "SOV2".
  • Pre-process for monocle soft-focus imitation.
  • GIMP 2.8 native version.

Documentation available! Enjoy!

Also there is available FIL development documentation with detail description of FIL core.

FIL is still supporting.

P.S. Some FIL process bases on:

  • Lomo Script by Elsamuko
  • Vintage Look script by mm1
  • Photochrom script by Elsamuko
  • Highpass Sharpening script by drschwalbenmann

Thank them a lot.

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Thanks, this is good idea. Eaerlier I was tring to combine functions gimp-image-undo-freeze and gimp-image-undo-thaw but it failed. I think this should be work.

Have a look at the scripts that are shipped with GIMP and see how they use the procedures gimp-image-undo-group-start and gimp-image-undo-group-end.


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