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Simple two colors border

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This script produces a two colors border. You can choose the border width in % of the smallest image dimension, and the inner border width as a % of the whole border (and the colors, of course).
This can seem a bit complicated, but if you have pictures of different sizes and want a same-looking border, % will get you there.

Just remove .txt from the filename after downloading the script (don't know why it was added..)

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Thanks for the script. Works nicely -- now that I've caught up with the concept of python scripts!

For Windows users it might help to note that GIMP needs to have been set up so that it will recognise Python scripts. This caught me out when I first attempted to use it as (being a relative newbie) I treated it like an .scm file and, of course, it did not work!
It was only after reading notes associated with "Tear-off" border that I woke up to my error.
I found the "Installing Python for GIMP 2.6 (Windows)" tutorial at of major help in getting me on the right track with Python.
Once that was sorted I had another try and this time SUCCESS !!!

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