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Resynthesizer win64 + Heal selection + Pattern fill

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Windows 64 bit build of resynthesizer with heal texture fix and pattern fill scripts from here.

resynthesizer-0.16-win64.zip48.85 KB
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I need the makefile for resynthesizer for Windows, please.

I have a very heavily revised copy of the resynthesizer, now in C instead of C++. I fixed some bugs and made other changes. I have tested on Linux, now I am trying to test on Windows.

I am using MinGW and MSYS. I would like the compilation flags for that build environment. I can build a version using:

gimptool-2.0 --build resynth.c

but the resulting executable is slower than snot (is it least common denominator?.) Can you get gimptool to pass optimizing flags to the compiler?

I also am in the process of testing a version made by:

gcc -O3 ... with CFLAGS and LDFLAGS from gimptool

Which of the other flags found in the original resynthesizer Makefile for Linux (such as ...fast_math...) are important for performance? (I tried some of those and it seemed to make resynthesizer crash.)

Or I can share the source, if someone else can build and test it on the windows platform for the bugs that have been reported. I just need to do a little more cleanup of the coding style, then I hope to get it into the gimp distribution.

I've installed the resynthesizer but still get a message saying it can not locate the libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll file.

Where do I need to install this file so Resynth can find it?

My system is Windows Vista 64.

Hello there!

I think about leaving the Photoshop-World and joining the GIMP-Army... ;-)

But unfortunately my problem is exactly the same as it is for sadblueyes: After copying all the files of resynthesize in the special folders, GIMP tells me that the "libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll file" is missing and I don't know what to do!

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

Can anybody help us out? If it is only this one file, please tell us, how to get it und where to copy it after downloading. Thank youuuuu!!!

I have 64bit gimp 2.6.10 and looks like this file is inside the bin dir. Well, anyway

Did you fix the binary itself?
If you modified the sources, could you provide us with them, in order to build a 32-bit version too?

No, i had no changed anything in sources. I only had to modify makefiles to reference directly dlls (not *.libs) because linker had problems with underscores in symbols.

Cool to see that. Still using 32-bit GIMP due to lack of plugin support like Resynthesizer (now looks like that's remedied), PSPI, and Filter Factory Convertor for starters. Hopefully all these plugins will have 64-bit compiles soon. Still don't think you can parallel install 32-bit GIMP and 64-bit GIMP, but hopefully, for those who have 64-bit OSs, that they will allow this feature since a lot of plugins won't work in 64-bit GIMP. :)

hy lyleik
the 64 bit gimp should support 32 bit plugin.

Anyway if you wish you may run din parallel different versions

If you want avoid 2 version sharing the same gimp folder in user directory (and so same preferences ) just use for 1 the portable version

I keep forgetting about GIMP Portable. Wonder if they ported GIMP Portable for the 64-bit platform. When I first installed Win7 64-bit, I did installe GIMP 64 first, but had all the plugin issues, including PSPI, that caused me to go to 32 bit. Not sure if you have a compile for PSPI 64-bit or know where one exists. :)

Well, my previous post was deleted. But i want to say that even someone compiles pspi for 64bit (but 32 bit plugins should work usually too), 8bf files are 32bit dlls so i'm not sure if 64bit pspi will be able to load them.


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