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Paintbrush Tutorial

I just finished a rough draft of a 20 page tutorial on GIMP paintbrushes, free at:

This is an excerpt from GIMP Supremacy. The intended audience, when I started the project, is the non-digital artist who has a need for an image manipulation program. In trying to be thorough, the project has grown a bit.

Feedback is more than welcome.



Hi Walton-

You might want to check the requirements of the GPL for distributing compiled copied of GIMP at your web site. I beleive you also have to make the source code available. (but IANAL and don;t have the details).

-Rob A>

Thank you commenting. I read that GIMP encourages distribution from websites, and I've seen it distributed from many sites with nothing else (which doesn't make it right). I'll check now. Thank again.


From the GIMP site:

"Respect the GPL. The GPL requires you to make the source code available. The best solution is to include the source code on the same medium as the GIMP installation package, but you can also include a written offer to supply the source code on request... the GPL requires you to make the source code available "from the same place" so giving a link to the GIMP mirrors is not sufficient (see also this section of the GPL FAQ)."
"I downloaded just the binary from the net. If I distribute copies, do I have to get the source and distribute that too?

Yes. The general rule is, if you distribute binaries, you must distribute the complete corresponding source code too. The exception for the case where you received a written offer for source code is quite limited. "

-Rob A>

I would like to comply. But there appears to be no single zipped file of the source code files--because changes are being made daily. And there is no corresponding snapshot of the overall program as of a particular release.

It appears that what is available are many hundreds of separate zip files, each having to be downloaded. And there are 17 separate downloads to help downloading. I can certainly make a zip file available but to list hundreds of files make this virtually impossible, and the odds of my leaving out or duplicating files would be quite high.

Could you or another member tell me how I can more easily comply. Or am I looking for a left-handed screw bit?

Thank you in advance.

I have written the gimp-users mailing list for help.


I had thought there was something about making changes to the code and posting it, but I was mistaken (as were several gimp-user members.

Yes, I have to post the source code.

I may have located and downloaded a single file containing the source code; however I have lost a second monitor, and until that is replaced I am unable to access DreamWeaver to revise the web page.

Thank you for pushing me towards compliance.


Sorry for the troubles.

I saw the confused responses on the gimp-users mailing list....

-Rob A>

First few pages opened, and then followed with errors thus unable to view it in its entirety.

Using the most recent version of Adobe Reader. Also noted there were font issues when the files were uploading.

Something must have corrupted in the download. I just downloaded the file. It opened in Acrobat Reader 9, and Acrobat Pro 8. In 8, I ran a preflight, all the fonts are fully embedded. I did this to a second download, no problems.

Would you like me to email you a copy?


Sure, I'll give it a whirl. Hope it works.

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