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Easy installs (not)

I had to do a real run around to try to get a plug-in installed on my Mac. Can there an EASY way for all us non-programmers who just want to use the software? there are so many steps, so many of which do not make sense for the non-techie. I appreciate the time everyone takes to make GIMP and all the extra plug-ins that add so much, but can't there be a easy way to install these things for macs (that's me!) and every other OS that make sense to people like me who are stupid when it comes to these things. Every time I try using Terminal nothing happens despite the fact I follow the instructions exactly. Please can we make instructions system specific and simple? God Bless you all. Via Free!!!


No easy way for who just want use the software is possible till somebody compile the binary

Between Mac user those "somebody" seems very rare..but users of other OS can't help much

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