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Separate to PNGs - Silkscreen Tools

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This plug-in prompts for a directory then exports your channels as individual PNG files. This could be useful for preparing artwork for screen printing (silkscreen).

How to use:
1. Open the channels dialog
2. Create a new channel, selecting opacity and fill color
3. Perform creation/editing on channel
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.
5. Run the filter

Remove the ".txt" extension from the file, and linux users be sure to flag the file as executable.

The plug-in requires Python. Please don't ask how to install Python support for GIMP - search the forum (I'm looking at you, Windows users ;)

This is part of a set of plugins called 'Silkscreen Tools' and installs to 'Filters->Silkscreen Tools->Separate to PNGs'.

Happy screening!

TODO: add printer's marks and labels

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Ok it works now. I've got it in Filter. I forgot to make the file executable in it properties. I apologize 'cause i'm dumb ;b

Using Ubuntu 9.10, It plugin shows up under filters, but if I run it, nothing happens. Target folder is empty. Other Python stuff works fine in Gimp (2.6.7)

Anyone else having problems? Any ideas as to how to make it work?


I guess the original description could have been better - you need to add some channels before you can separate them. This plug-in is a helper for anyone using spot colors.

I am using ubuntu 10.04 and it doesn't show up at all under filters anywhere, I tried putting it in the .plugins folders in the home drive than also in the usr folder for gimp pluguns and still it does not show up at all.
Hopefully someone has an answer to this because it seems like a great plugin to use for artwork and freelance work for silkscreening.

You have to make the python file executable using chmod +x or right clicking on it in nautilus, going into preferences then permissions then tick allow executing file as a program.

Thanks for that, I just installed ubuntu, new to linux here but trying to learn quick as I wiped out windows finally.
Ok I made it excutable brought up a png and tried to separate it, it brought up the save window as you stated but did not save any files.
If I'm missing something please let me know.
Thanks again :)

First RENAME the file to remove the.txt extension or will never work
(it's a nasty bug in the forum, for some reason add the txt extension to python scripts
then from file propriety give the permission to run as exectable

/home/nick/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins/60's Text.scm

i your list there is a mix of scripts and plugins

Now script fu have their place (the script folders )
BUT python scripts are seen as PLUGIN and should be in a plugin folder to work,

scm files are scripts, and go in the scripts folder
py files are plug-ins

GIMP requires being refreshed when adding scm files and rebooted when adding plug-ins.


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