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pspi plugin on gimp 2.7 on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit???


i can't get to work the PSPI plugin on gimp 2.7 on Ubuntu 10.04 on 64 bit.

On the official site they say like this:

64-bit Linux

The pspi plug-in won't run out of the box on amd64 linux since it is a 32- bit application running under the Wine emulator and thus requires some additional 32-bit libraries which are normally not installed by default. To check which libraries are missing, use the ldd(1) command: ldd


So, put in the code ldd and got a lot of info , but what's impotant is this: => not found => not found => not found => not found => not found => not found

How can i make this work???

Please help

I got this working on 2.6.10 from these instructions. I had too many problems with 2.7, that I gave up on the idea of getting it to work.

Additional set-up info can be found here:



I use Ubuntu 10.04 32bit + GIMP 2.6 and install PSPI as and

I See the message: "neue Plugins werden abgefragt PSPI"
"intialiesiere Plugins PSPI"

I have set the correct Path in : "Photoshop Plug-ins Settings" under Filters.

But I could not find any new Filter from Pshop

I also have the g'mic installed and work fine.

Does anyone have an hint for me?

Thanks in advance.

The photoshop filters mainly I want highest rate one or two Filters of pshop (liquidpixel and Softskinner.
Nothing of the GIMP filters do the same way as liquid of pshop. (as correct a part of a body in a Photo)

Are 2 filters included in PS ?
if not please add the links

If are included no way only PS may run its own filters, compatibility is only for third party PS plugin and not for all
(only for most of .8bf, and usually the preview will be badly crippled )


as side note xnview work very well with Wine and support most of PS filter and with a perfect preview

Only problem copy and paste between xnview gimp works only for RGB ,not for RGBA

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