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Gimp Plugins in Windows

I need to know what plug ins do I need, so that when I select Enhance menu, I can choose to "Refocus". I have gone through the registry and can not seem to find anything that will help Refocus.


anyway do not expect stunning results by refocusing

I often prefer if have a large original at high res and i need as final result a not too large image (let say 1200x 900 )sharpen the original, scale and if needed resharpen

for sharpening i suggest instead then the built in sharpen and unsharpmask filter, unsharpmask2 or the (gmic ) unsharp mask , or octave sharpening filters

G'MIC has several cool sharpening presets including deconvolution (same type of method used in focus magic) that may help a lot. G'MIC is free too by the way (just do a search here or Sourceforge; too lazy to play with capchas today). :)

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