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Autoscale and auto constrast stretch HSV

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autoscale-and-autocontrast.scm2.65 KB

This script scales the image in multiple steps, automatically stretching contrast HSV at every step in order to make the resulting image have a better quality and contrast, preserving hue.

The user is required to specify the final image long side length (in pixels) and the scaling ratio in percentage of each step, default percentage is 66.

According to the plugin "plug-in-autostretch-hsv" by Scott Goehring and Federico Mena Quintero, stretching contrast HSV may give bad results. Contrast stretching can be disabled.

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Very useful script. Thank you :)

If "..stretching contrast HSV may give bad results." would be not better make that step optional ?

Here you are, option added.

thank you

I did not consider that but it may be a good idea :)
I will add this feature tomorrow if I have some spare time, should not be hard.
Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

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