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Problems with deleted paths and PS Brushes

I am preparing a large tutorial on Paint Brushes. My experience is that:
1) The path to personal brushes folders in Preferences>Folders>Brushes is not removed from the system even when the path is removed from the panel and GIMP is uninstalled and reinstalled.
2) Some Photoshop brush sets can cause GIMP (2.6.8 and 2.6.9 on Windows XP) to not open.

Recently, I had a serious problem with GIMP reading an old, test, Personal Brush Folder that contained several Photoshop brush sets. All of the brushes opened in GIMP, worked well, and I opened and closed GIMP several times in the course of testing them. Then I removed the path from the Preferences>Folders>Brushes window. Despite the path being removed, one set from the removed path that caused GIMP to not open. Despite uninstalling GIMP, cleaning out the registry (registry cleaner & manually going through it and remming out any remaining references to GIMP), rebooting, and installing GIMP, that path remained in the start up processes (Process Monitor). Only when I renamed the folder would GIMP start.

What are other people’s experiences with personal folders (brushes, patterns, scripts, etc.) and Photoshop brushes (made in and for PS 6+)?



I create sub folders under my .gimp-2.6/brushes/etc folders, and physically move my brushes, patterns, etc to those sub folders on my hard drive when I don't want them showing in the dialogs. For me, its the easiest way around the default glitch. This may not be the case for others.

Thank you. I suppose that is not much different from renaming the folder. Your workaround, and mine, unfortunately aren't for beginners who have no idea what a brush is, let alone a path. Your answer also tells me that my experience with the personal folders isn't an isolated, one-of-a-kind. Again, thanks, Walton

This may help to organize your add on

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