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Corel Draw on Mac.

New to Gimp

I have used Corel Suit 11 on Mac for several years. but have never been able to open or import corel files (cdr and cpt ) into Gimp is there way to do this, or how can I add( cdr and cpt files to the recognised file list


The Inkscape FAQ has an entry about the Corel Draw format:

Once you've converted the files to SVG, import options (either in GIMP, Inkscape or other apps) are greatly increased.

No idea about Corel Paint, though.

The general approiach for adding new file formats to GIMP is:

1. Find the file format specifications (legally available, that is)
2. Code a load plug-in for GIMP (using e.g. C or Python)
3. Upload it here :)

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