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libgimp-2.0-0.dll Missing

I've Tried downloding the plugin for dds. but I get an error message saying libgimp-2.0-0.dll missing from my computer and I should try reinstalling the program . What program is it talking on about? And how do I do this?

the error is click on the plugin as it was a installer

it is not...just move the exe file in 1 of your gimp plugin folder and call it from the menu

(not sure wich menu...maybe it doesn't even need to show up in the menu,:
if i am not wrong that is a plugin to save in dds format, so you may just use File/save as...and then chose the name and add the .dds extension)

I've tried clicking on it as the installer to try to install it but thats the error message I keep getting. So Ive put it in Gimps Folders - Plug-In and tried to install it then but I keep getting the same error!What do I do now?

once is in that folder is already installed

now i remember mixed reports on the dds plugin, maybe don't work with all dds, or require some peculiar ooperation on the alpha channel, i don't remember well

but as far to install just drop the exe in a gimp plugin folder,

thanks for this.. i have the same problem.. now its solved.

nice solution.. my dll missing problem is solved......

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