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Reading current file details

I've just decided to use The GIMP instead of PaintShopPro, mainly because I've finally decided to dump Windows completely. But for now I'm still using Vista, at least this week.

I need Python, and I need access to EXIF data, and I have installed Python 2.6.5, plus PyCairo, PyGObject, and PyGTK, followed by GIMP 2.9.6. Seems to work fine, including the Python-Fu Console.

Looking at help(gimp), help(gimpfu), and help(gimpenums) I can't see any details about the current file, not even the file-name, and nothing at all about EXIF information.

Obviously I'm missing something.

How can I get access to file-specific information, preferably including EXIF? (On Windows Vista.)

Thanks in advance for any help you can give a GIMP newbie.

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