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This is the script for the sculptie plug in, which was originally posted by other, who had no idea what eh was doing and jsut put the code on the page, so here it is, fully operational....

This is for editing sculpties.....

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I'm not really concerned by Second Life as I have enough to do withe the first one, but I tried it.
You should write:
(script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-exp-sculptie" _"/Script-Fu/SecondLife")
For your script creates a duplicat script-fu menu entry without caps. And it creates too many sub-menus.
I also noticed an issue with SF_FILENAME (already reported), the same as with Kris Kovacs' original version: output file is set to "none", instead of "tmp.obj", and if you try to open another file, you get a no argument error. Exactly the same as with the original filter when you have fixed one registration error. Am I missing something? Do you use your script with Gimp 2.6.x?
(PS: You don't need to give your script the same name as its registration one. "sculptie.scm" would be enough).


sounds like a nice plug-in...does it engrave or what is its function.
found this
i copied the script to try it and see what it does

it is to texture your sculptie....
you save it as OBJ, then import it into gimp, and u can make a texture for it....

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