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GIMP 2.6.9 released, at least for Windows.

Already found a bug (yes, I go where angels fear to tread; lol) with one of my favorite Script-fus that Saul made for me (see the thread below and for the solution). I managed to fix it since it wasn't that hard to do (and I don't know how to Script-fu, so you can see the solution was easy). Still, if it broke this Script-fu, I wonder how many other Script-fus and things are now defunct? Time will tell. :)ʹs-cool-script-fu--p363936.html#p363936

256 is clearly a bug, because the value range is supposed to be 0-255.

The commit which changed this is

That is bad, as I do lots with histograms. Can that get reverted?

-Rob A>

One of my favorite Script-fus is your Highpass Script-fu Rob. Just had opportunity to use it and found the bug here too. They didn't fix the overlay bug, but still decided to do this. I think this is going to be very frustrating for a little while. Oh well. The fix is easy, but you have to do it in a a case to case situation. :)

So I looked and checked. The problem was only in the input check and documentation, so previously the value 256 was just reduced to 255, sooo 255 and 256 returned the same thing.

This affected a few of my scripts which I have updated everywhere they are posted (that I know of!)


It also needs to be fixed in Saul Goode's sg-mean-fill.scm script (I posted a comment on the gimptalk thread)

-Rob A>

I agree that the range value of 255 makes a hex of a lot of sense. ;)


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