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Image & individual pixel filtering

Hello Everyone,
I'm new to Gimp, and I'm looking for a plug-in that would do the following job:
- There are two images, A &B, which will be used to create a resulting image C
- "t" is a user defined value.
- take a pixel at position x,y on image A, compare it's color (rA,gA,bA) to the color (rB,gB,bB) of pixel x,y on image B
- if sqrt( (rA-rB)^2 + (gA-gB)^2 + (bA-bB)^2) < t
then create a transparent pixel at position x,y on image C
Add pixel x,y from image B to image C,
- move to next pixel.

that's the idea, which can also be fulfilled with an additional condition on the Alpha value, and/or a tolerance in the position of the neighboring pixel of image B that's used to compare to image A.

Do you guys know if there 's a plug-in that does this job or something similar ?


So you want to take the difference of A&B, convert it monochrome, then threshold it and use this as a layer mask on image B (or as a selection mask).

SO try...
Open Image A
Open Image B as new layer.
Set the blending mode of B to Difference
Layer "New From Visible"
on the new layer, Colors> Threshold (not quite the same as taking the vector amount, and comparing but close)
Select by color (white)
Change layer mode of B back to Normal, and add a layer mask (from selection, invert).
Delete Image A and the New from Visible layer.
Save as image C

-Rob A>

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