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Lab curves for GIMP

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Basically it is not a plugin. It is a small standalone program in C++ and a wrapper script for seemless integration into GIMP.

It allows to alter an image with 16 bit L*a*b* curves with preview. You call it like a script from gimp. The image is send to that program, you play with the L*a*b* curves and when you save the altered image is send back and everything is cleaned up...

More information here:

greets mike

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MareroQ used Shellout to call Labcurves and it worked for him, so now I suspect it's an issue with 64-bit GIMP compatibility with Labcurves (that is if MareroQ is using a 32-bit version of GIMP). The error that I get in either case is the one below. :)

Now that GIMP 2.8 is no longer an rc1 but an official release, I hope you can see why Labcurves won't work in 2.8 Mickey. Sigmoidal Contrast works great in 2.8. :)

Looks like you are passing a TIF file to this program. There currently is a bug with GIMP 2.8rc1 w.r.t. TIF files. Is there any way to change your GIMP linker plugin to pass a PNG instead? Also the same request for Sigmoidal contrast filter since it too passed TIF file to your routine. Not sure how long it will take the GIMP developers to patch the TIF issue hence the reason for this request. :)

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