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Index print or contact sheet (with exif and raw support)

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******** (*)Ubuntu users who upgraded to 14.x read the Linux note below *********

******** (02-01-2015) for some reason I am unable to upload the new manual *********

An indexprint or contactsheet is an image that traditionally contains the negative images of an entire roll of film. Photographers used such sheets to index prints or as a proof page to decide which prints to enlarge.

Indexprint is a very useful tool to show the contents of a folder, for web design projects and galleries, personal work, or just to have a record of any archive folder in your (external) hard drives. Indexprint let you easily preview and catalog groups of images by displaying a series of (small) images on a single page or multiple pages.

From version 3.20 on indexprint has the possibility to show the exif information 'date and time', 'iso', 'speed', and 'F-number' if exist otherwise 'no exif data' will be printed. With the latest version 3.31 also JPEG XR formats can be printed. From v4 on the interface has been rebuild and also some new features has been added.

The pictures below are samples how indexprint/contactsheet works. For the default indexprint I have defined only three pictures on a row and three rows. I also wanted the filename including the extension printed. As result all pictures are scaled and centered within there respective minipages.

Quick overview Indexprint V4.00r3 (v3.34 has no background and lettertype/color)
Preview/screenshot Indexprint v4 development (v3.34 has only one window)
Read and Save pagePage options page
Image options page.other page.
Extended options page.

Indexprint is the same program as contactsheet v2.xx ( but has his own GUI designed with Glade, v2.xx uses PF-widgets. Reason is that a few problems with v2.xx cannot be easily solved i.e. the small screen problem, choosing a mix of imagetypes and size/ratio. These problems are solved in this new version. V3.xx uses also tooltips, also not possible in v2.xx.

This updated version works with version 2.6/2.8 of The Gimp, several imagetypes are supported.
Updated versions are first published on my website at --> GIMP.

Download and Installation

The Indexprint plugin is tested on Windows XP SP3 and Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (both 32 bits).
Installation notes given here are for windows only. On Linux: don't forget to make executable.

Indexprint can also be installed with Gimp Extensions Pack:

Installation Gimp v2.6 and Indexprint v3.34
See my website --> GIMP for details.

Installation Gimp v2.8.x and Indexprint v3.34
Download from the file attachments:
-add glade (needed also for Lineborder 2)

1. Unpack Indexprint and copy all the files (including the directories) to the user plugin dir of The Gimp.
2. Unpack "add glade" and copy all the files to the appropriate directories of The Gimp.
3. First time you start Indexprint an "error" can occur. Indexprint doesn't know the location of your images and the location where you want to install your indexprint.

For JPG XR, raw and ps/eps files and exif information you need also to download and install:
- UFRAW plugin v0.18 (window users: donot install 0.19.x it won't work, see the website of UFRaw)
- Ghostscript/ghostview,
- pyexiv2 (needs also Python2.7.2/2.7.3 installed),
- JPEG XR plugin (it is possible you get a .dll error, search the registry for it)

Installation Gimp v2.8.x and Indexprint V4.00r3
Installation same as v3.34 except download "Indexprint V4.00r3" instead of Indexprint
This version is the bleeding edge towards v4. See my website for more details what has changed.
This version should be now a stable release but.... this means that you should know your way around Linux or windows systems and that you should have an interest in tracking down bugs. Propably you don't find one;)

Indexprint refuses to start

1. Delete the config file found in plug-ins/indexprint/config/indexprint.cfg
2. pyexiv2 is not installed.
3. libglade2-0 is missing
4. If Indexprint still refuses to work start Gimp in a terminal screen (Linux) and watch the output. For windows user start cmd and type at the C:> prompt: gimp-2.8 > error.txt 2>&1. This will produce an error.txt file in the root dir which can be easily examined. Probably you want to contact me now.


Changelog can be found on my website --> GIMP..

Note Windows 32/64 bits users

For some reason translations aren't working anymore on windows (bugzilla 574520); Linux users have no problem. Affects also Lineborder 2.

Bug: pyexiv2 should be installed. Reason known.

Windows 64 bits users will have trouble installing JPEGXR and UFRaw, 32 bits users don't have trouble. As far as I can see there are no 64 bits executables, no problem for Linux users.

Note Linux 32/64 bits users

Bug: pyexiv2 should be installed. Reason known.

(*)Ubuntu users with the new version 14.x libglade2-0 must be installed. It is not installed by default anymore.

GIMP Version: 
Code License: 


Hi mahvin,

I will have a look at it.
Which one do you use: with or without exif??

I tried both to see if it would have made any difference. They both got the same errors.

That's odd I just tried it on Ubuntu 10.10 and no problem at all.

I will test the zip and compare it too what I have on my Ubuntu system. If it is the same we have to investigate the differences between our systems perhaps I have overlooked something.

I already found it: your header text was empty. At the moment don't leave it blank. You have found a bug.

I added header text and an index sheet was produced. Unless I am mistaken, I recall being able to see the finished sheet after running the plug-in, or was that with contact sheet? With this plug-in you get to see the sheet being formed, but it closes without displaying the finished product. Is that intentional?

Hi Mahvin,

I added header text and an index sheet was produced. Unless I am mistaken, I recall being able to see the finished sheet after running the plug-in, or was that with contact sheet? With this plug-in you get to see the sheet being formed, but it closes without displaying the finished product. Is that intentional?

Contactsheet nor indexprint shows the finished product because that should mean that you can have up to 1000 (max) opened finished products. I don't think your system likes that.

Ok, good point. I may be mistaking this plug-in for something else. Have you updated the plug-in for empty header text?

No I'm fast but no so fast. I have no time this week, perhaps the weekend gives me some air. Also waiting for a French translation.
Maybe directly adding another row with exif information like camera, speed and opening and combining the two version to one version. Enough to do.

Just released a new version of indexprint with several new options and improvements.

# ADDED: exif date and time (pyexiv2 should be installed!!).
# ADDED: title on each page.
# ADDED: background color can be changed.
# CHANGE: pagenumber from top to bottom; you can give a start pagenumber.
# CHANGE: new Dutch translations.
# Fixed: "not reading foreign characters" now also for Linux users.
# Fixed: "not remembering last state for Linux users" now also for Linux users.
# Fixed: custom papersize is now working.

Remember that for using the exif option pyexiv2 must be installed !! For users with problems installing pyexiv2 there is a version without exif.

Most important changes in this new release are:

1. Changed structure for easier installation: now one step installation. Everything (except the main) is in one directory, including translations (at the moment only UK, NL).
2. Added remember plugin setting between sessions.
3. Fixed "not reading foreign characters".
4. Fixed "problems with non-image files with image extensions (i.e. readme.jpg)". These files are now skipped and reported in an error.log.
5. Added part of filename select (request G. Sprik).

And several other modifications has been made. Read the version history.

Enjoy and feel free to give feedback.

I see the "Indexprint" command in File menu, but NOTHING happen when I click on it.
Other phython script works fine, also contactsheet.
I solve the python installation, following


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