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GIMP error opening PSD?

GIMP Message

Opening 'K:\Digital Art Class\Card3.psd' failed:

Error loading PSD file: Unsupported compression mode: 33279

??? very annoying, this is for a class project and it was turning out amazing(that's why I saved it as a .psd) and it didn't work in school. Photoshop said something like, "cannot read Layer information" and I was really really confused because I opened and closed it yesterday to do some editing(TWICE) on GIMP.. It then said "would you like to use the composite data instead?" (or something like that..) I tried that and it said it couldn't read the data.. How annoying.. I took my flash drive back home and tried it.. And I got the error message "Error loading PSD file: Unsupported compression mode: 33279" What the heck does that mean? For now I'm going to try 2.7.. but I doubt it'll work. Please help. I'd like to know how to fix this in case it happens again.. this is the second time that gimp has failed on my with .PSDs..


It means that the psd protocol is proprietary, and that no-one has reverse engineered the newer format(s) to make it work with gimp. Gimp's implementation is (AFAIK) based on documentation available for PS6, with nothing more recent published publicly

I think that PS CS can save a psd in "compatibility mode" which I think can be opened by gimp.

-Rob A..

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