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Edge Glow

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sf-will-border.scm3.24 KB

A simple script to make the edges of a selection or layer glow with the selected colour. The script will act on the active selection first, and if it cannot find that, the alpha channel of the current layer. All changes are made to a separate layer so you can duplicate, mask and move them around to your heart's content.

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thank you for this lovely script. I installed it on Win7 64 bit gimp 2.6.11 by copying the file manually to the share/scripts folder but I don't seem to be able to find it in the panel interface.

Under which menu or submenu does it appear ?

thank you for your help

Filters/Will's Script Pack/Border Glow

Mine shows about midway down my Filters list.

thank you very much. You are right. I found it.

Thanks for This Great Script

Thankyou for a script that looks as though it will prove quite useful.

Hey camo, thank you for the script. Searched for sth. like that! Greetings, Jan.

Exactly what I needed- thank you

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