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Transparency Issues...

Having some problem with transparency's. I am currently working on a tutorial, link is as follows:

Look at section 5 of the tutorial to see what I am talking about.

The problem I'm having has to do with something very simple. I know how to to cut out, select, invert my image but the problem is that when I do hit delete to cut out the part of the image I want to be transparent it turns "white" instead of the checkered gray (transparent layer) they show in the example for the tutorial.

I'm wondering if I have a preferences setting that is messed up because everything works like it is transparent but it is white.

Thank you for your time,



Since GIMP 2.4 (if I recall that right), layers no longer have a default embeded alpha channel even if you duplicate the layer and delete the base layer (use to do that prior to understanding alpha channels; lol). You have to right-click on the active layer in the layer dialogue and add alpha channel. Then, when you delete your selected area, it will be transparent. To share your result on the web, you are limited to saving in either GIF or PNG format (PNG is better). :)

To the person who posted the answer Thank you so very much I was having the same issues and thought I was losing my freaking mind!!

I was following this tutorial and COULD NOT get the transparency. I tried the tut following your advice and it worked great.

Now maybe someone can answer this. While trying the above tut I was scaling some of the "papers" and when I did that it would give me the trasparency but unscaled it would not. Why? Does scaling an image affect the alpha channel somehow?

Thanks again


Scaling an image ("Image->Scale image...") does not affect the alpha channel; however, scaling a layer will result in an alpha channel being added to the layer (if it does not already have one).


thanks that makes sense. Also are you over at Gimptalk too? Your screne name looks familiar.


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